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An Irish SaaS network for faster scaling and more success is a good thing for Ireland - SaaS Network Ireland.

About SaaS Network Ireland

The purpose of SaaS Network Ireland is to combine and share the knowledge and insights of Ireland’s SaaS sector to help build stronger, internationally more competitive Irish Saas companies. By encouraging founders and senior staff to learn from later stage SaaS companies who have been through the same challenges they are facing, and sharing hard-won lessons, we can help each other grow and avoid common pitfalls. The purpose of the network is to help build a sense of community in the Irish SaaS sector.

SaaS Network Ireland is not a place to pitch products or services, not a place to pitch for investors or partners, not a place to brag and not just a series of social events.

It is designed to be time-efficient, low-committal and entirely free-of-charge. All we ask is the members’ CEOs and/or CTOs to make themselves available for 2 hours a month for sharing and receiving knowledge and advice.

Members will have access to the direct emails of other members and can ask for an hour of anybody in the network’s time for advice.

Our Members


Criteria to be a member of SaaS Network Ireland

  • Have a product website and customers.
  • Business based or founded in Ireland.
  • Support self-service SaaS: customers can sign up and trial your product, pay by credit card, and cancel the subscription anytime.
  • Provide enterprise/demo SaaS: demos show the actual product and you have existing customers.
  • Payment via credit card available.
  • CEO and optionally CTO/CFO’s agree to making themselves available to other members for a maximum of 2 hours a month, when possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be networking events?

In general very few - we feel that too many networking events are a distraction from growing your business. We held our kick off event on 15th February in Dublin and intend to host only one truly interactive yearly meetup.

Will the website be improved? Will there be online forums, member logins etc.

No. For now the plan is to keep this extremely low-tech. You will have access to a Google Sheet with the other members’ details.

What happens if I get a request but have a busy month or have already committed my 2 hours?

No problem, just say that your agenda is full this month. They can ask again in another month. It should be “first come first served” and also fairly low committal - your own business comes first.

Should the meeting be in person or online?

Entirely up to you. Whatever works best for the person whose time is being asked for.

I don't have X/I'm not a Y, can I join?
  • I don't have a website yet but it's on the way, can I join?

  • I don't do self-service yet but it's on the way, can I join?

  • I make online software but it's not your strict definition of true SaaS, can I join?

  • We only take invoices, can I join?

  • I am SaaS but don’t provide a self-service sign-up option, can I join?

Sorry, no. It's not to be snobby but in order to share and receive some expertise we should all operate in the same space.

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